HODLteam decentralizing the future

six - Co-founder, Management and Code Security - Git / LinkedIn
Magyar Balázs - Co-founder, Lead Developer
Happy George - Co-founder, Doing 'nothing'
Soldos Péter - SparrowBag Inventor (the brand before HODLbag) and parnter - Team Article / Újszó Article
G. Robi - Lead Brand Designer
HODL Mike - Proof Reader
HODL Akos - Product Designer

Project adivsor: Silur - Founder of CryptAll, Cryptographer, Ethical Hacker

We also have more than 100 SparrowBag instructors being converted to HODLbag.

You can join us! HODLteam is currently looking for: social media content creators, marketing and sales professionals, proof raeders, community administrators, dapp developers.
Take part in the first ExoDAO project! All new members are airdropped 100 HDL! Contact us at info /at/ hodlbag.org!