First step to HODLife DAO

The HODLife DAO is a huge project. For this reason we have decided to implement something smaller (Hodl Bag) which has similar functionality and do not require millions of dollars. Our final goal is to create a decentrelized system which can be used as a base for living communities, support longevity research and activities that are beneficial for Life.

Why HODL Bag?

The bag is a reference to the crypto bags (crypto holder bag). However our bags are physical products that are U.S. patented. This is something concrete and connected also to law. If the ownership and management of the bags are controlled by the community who utilizes HODLife, we have succeeded our first experiment.


You will soon be able to get HodlBag NFTs through an Ethereum Smart contract. This gives you a unique bag virtually which you will later be able to redeem for a physical Hodl bag. 1 unique token is 1 unique bag. Buying (in fact, you mint the NFTs for yourself through the system by making a transaction) bags fund the development of HODLife. The tokens bought in this stage will be transfered to the next stages too. We are not selling anything, you mint the tokens for yourself while transfering Ether to the smart contract, which will later pay us.


When the project reaches $3M, a full pledged research upgrade starts on HODLife functionaly and futher experimental communities will be run. More information about this stage comes soon.