The bags are patented in: USA, Hungary (EU) and Russia.

Buy HODLbag tokens and become a patent owner!

We start realeasing NFT tokens soon which will later grant HDL tokens in the ExoDAO system. Every token owner will be part of the ecosystem which owns and manages the HODLbag brand, production and all legal rigths, including the patents.

Looking for numbers? The sport product the HODLbag (rebranded from SparrowBag) has the patent granted, is backed by science and trained by nearly a hundred instructors worldwide. Such product rights are sold for $10M or more in the USA, but the current owners (Sparrowbag Kft.) who created the original brand and went through the whole patenting process are contracted with HODLbag Incorporated (the legal entity behind the HODLbag and HODLife project). The contract states that they do not sell the rights to anyone else other than those who will be chosen by votes in the HODLife ExoDAO: meaning the HDL owners.

The original SparrowBag owners exit at $1.5M USD value of cryptocurrency and eveything will become owned by the HDL token owners. You might think it is underprice, but if you count in the broker, middle-man, other fees and the time spent on a process of selling such product rights, then you will understand the reason: not just money, but also the fact that there is no support in the blockchain world for these artificially generated fees.

How does a patent look like?

Scans of the USA and Russia patents

Link: hodlbag_sparrowbag_patent_granted_USA.pdf

Link: hodlbag_sparrowbag_patent_granted_RU.pdf

Want to veryify the patents?

You can look up the USA patent in this URL.
You can look up the Hungarian/EU patent in this URL.
You can look up the RU patent in this URL (no. 2581813).
You can also find them in: Google Patent database.

HODLbag Inc and Sparrowbag Contract

We are finishing the legal checkups and finalizing the contract soon. It will be made public.