How can I invest in the HODLbag project?

Minor investment: small crypto bags

For those who are already into crypto, investment of $ hunderds are possible through the NFT app. Buy multiple bags and redeem later the physical bags or the HDL tokens. Link for the dApp.

Investors over $300 are offered HDL tokens

Investments of more than $300 can be done through a SAFT (Sale Agreement for Future Tokens). We need to know only two things for you to prepare the document: the amount you want to invest and the means of the payment.
We accept Bitcoin. Binance coin, Ethereum, Doge, Monero, USDT, cash and lastly bank transfer.

You can download the SAFT agreement from here and fill the green parts with your information, then send it to

Discounted HDL price

The current 50% discount price is limited only for this stage of the project. HDL max supply is 100.000.000 tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my investment? At the current stage, we are spending 100% of the investments on the development of the HODLdao, including procurments of project resources and marketing, sales.

How can I sell my HDL tokens for a higher price? After the tokens are unlocked, you can transfer them freely through the smart contract. It will also be exchangeable or DEX (Decentralized Exchanges) and some centralized ones, for example on WhiteBit and Vindax. Price will depend on the market, buf of course, we are working on the PAMP (pumping the price to the Moon 🚀 ).

What is a token?

What is HDL token?

What is NFT?

What is DAO and ExoDAO?

What is DEX?

What is HODL?

What is a crypto bag?

What is a crypto wallet?

How can I get a crypto wallet?

Need help?

Contact the team if you require assistance through email: