From HODL meme to core training

Being a crypto bag hodler

Do you want your bags full of coins pumped to the moon?
New to crypto? Read this article about crypto bag holding!

We have rebranded the original U.S. Patented SPARROWBAG product to HODLbag! The bag you can redeem from the NFT token is not only a bag filled with sand, it is the cornerstone of a new, comprehensive training system recommended to all, independent of age, sex, or sport. Training with SparrowBag will not only save you time, but you can also use it anywhere to HODL even if the prices are down.

Get off your ass while waiting your bags to pump and do some really crypto bag exercises!

Unique design: multiple crypto bags.

What will happen with these designs?
The community decides!

Voting functionality will arrive to the HODLife ExoDao. Alongside many other functions, the token owners will be able to decide what design to move forward with.