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We are already everywhere! A fun story from the first day we went to the Marina beach in Dubai with our newly printed HodlBags... we were just chilling out before making pictures and flexing for Instagram when six looked back. He saw a well built guy training with shopping bags. Wow. Such chance. Turns he was an ex-military guy preparing for a long marathon and found the bags good training tools. He also told us he got into cryptocurrencies a few years ago but sold them at a low price and lost a lot of money. He should have known about HODL!! And put the coins into his bags! Well, he actually liked our type of bags, but we were not selling those yet at that time. So even at beaches where most people are richez, you find cool faces like him (and sometimes as too haha). Lessons, learned, take your bag and HODL. It is good for your health too... ;)

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