What is HODL Bag?

HODLBags are crypto tokens and real physical bags you can hold and train with. These will be redeemable for those who buy HodlBag NFT tokens. The idea is built upon the "hodl" meme known by all crypto fans.
The HODLBag is the first project created by our team to kickstart HODLife. So what is HODLife? A decentralized organization that coordinates the resources of the participants striving to make the world more robust and dependable through opensource code. The system is focusing on applying human and capital resources towards a shared goal.

  • Independent - HODLife is a system on its own, but manages others.
  • Decentralized - It runs on multiple nodes, communities and will work cross-chain.
  • Efficient - It has a stong focus on efficient processes.
  • Autonomous - The community and the system iself have the freedom to decide, act and protect themselves.
  • Life System - It organizes all resources in order to make itself better for the good of the participants.

NFT and HDL Tokens

We are in the phase where NFT and HDL tokens are already obtainable. We do not have a so called "major investor", but build on what our HODLER Community provides. We are a Living project.

Find the smart contracts on the Explorer:
HODLbag NFT - 0x7abf4604a11f91b1ef4973a7187ffa6c888f5d38
HDL Token - 0x972b6f0070830c9975b70fcf4eca029bbcbfdd53

Project details:
  • NFT dApp - Limited series of HODLbags and PAMP game: open the dApp
  • HDL Token - The token that will be used as credit to organize HODLdao.
  • HDL Amount - Maximum of 100 000 000 Tokens.
  • HDL Distribution - 30% NFT and Pre-sale / 10% Airdrop / 20% DeFi / 10 Live Sale / 30% HODLifer bonus
  • HDL Availability - You can already mint NFT tokens yourself or get HDL through the investor page.

See the Roadmap!

HODLife 1.0: Taking the legal ownership of HODLbag, including the US, EU and Russia patents

From the previous brand "Sparrowbag", paying out the creators of it using the collected funds, the HODLife ExoDao takes the legal ownership of not just the product itself, but also the patents, the brand, the training courses and the production itself. All HDL token owners will be also patnet owners.

HODLife Future: Funding Longevity

After the HODLife and the experimental systems go live, we move to the next project which is funding longevity research.
This is one of the hardest problem and most of the researches are not backed up financially. This is a great challenge for HODLife: collecting $1 Trillion and managing it with good care. There will be no single human controling it, but all participants and HODLife's own logic (like an AI). The system's worth is proven by its use and we are not afraid to put it under live tests.

Being a HODLifer

The HODLife founder and developer team travels around the world to find minds alike who see where the World is heading, organize live events and collect funds. For more high level details see our flyer below. For technical details you can read the documentation page and the code.